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Prayer Thoughts

Prayer is not just something we should do.  It is everything we should do. Luke, in Acts 1:14, records these words for us:  "These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication..."


It is amazing that so many miss this:  The first church did not start in the service. It was not the songs, the charisma of the leaders, or the eloquence of the preaching that was the highlight of the day. It was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   New tongues, boldness of spirit, healings, and spiritual eruptions rocked the “normal” religious boat of the day.  Revival exploded not only in numbers (3,000; 8,000) but in depth.


What was the secret of those days?  It was the same secret as the days that would follow:  Travailing, persistent, desperate prayer. The “priests” of the Lord would first lie “all night” crying out to God:  “O Lord, spare thy people.”   The Old Testament gave us a shadow of this type of prayer, but the New Testament was the reality.


Revivals such as Azusa Street have had the same pattern.  Some men such as Frank Bartleman  and William Seymour paved the way for a new, fresh outpouring of the Spirit.   It was not through planning and programming, but through the means of their own lives, wrapped up in the distresses of Calvary.


We are about 100 years away from those days.  That seems to be a dangerous time. Let me explain:   Every move of God seems to have three stages:  Agonizing, organizing, and crystallizing.  But the time we reach the third stage, we are much removed from the beginnings of our own revival.  We become imitators, but not initiators. What was once abnormal and even heretical  (In our case: speaking in tongues, baptism in the name of Jesus) is finally regarded as normative and doctrinally correct.   But the "gut of the thing" seems to be replaced by complacency. 


We are in desperate need to return back to desperate prayer.  From there is where God will give us the revival the we are longing to see. 

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